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Name:Captain Schwanhelt Bulge

Name: Captain Schwanhelt Bulge
Fandom: The Galaxy Railways
Media: anime television show
Played by Sam
Physical description: Bulge is a tall, broad-shouldered man appearing to be in his early forties. He's still ruggedly handsome, even though he has a ragged vertical scar across one eyebrow. He prefers to wear his SDF uniform, even when off-duty, but when forced to dress in civies, he tends toward bland colors. His hair is brown, probably a bit too long for the modern idea of a military cut, but there are others with wilder hair. His eyes are blue, but he often keeps them a little too narrow or wary for it to be seen often. His nose looks like it may have been broken some time in his life, but if it was, it was years and years ago.

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Physical Abilities: Bulge is a normal adult male with military training. He can shoot a gun, plan a battle, knows the ins & outs of the space train he commands, drives many kinds of vehicles and presumably can pilot a small space plane or shuttle (all the other first officers seen in canon can and he was formerly the first officer of Big One for Sirius Platoon).
Superhuman Abilities None.
Unusual Possessions: He has his sidearm, a laser pistol, which has limited power unless he can recharge it.

Disclaimer: This is a roleplay journal. Captain Bulge and The Galaxy Railways belong to Leiji Matsumoto. Images of Bulge likely belong to Fuji Television. I'm only borrowing them for entertainment.

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